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Sarnt Utamachote © 2020

Berlin, October 2017 / Berlin, June 2018
Music Video - for Henning Richter ︎, 6 Minutes

Escape from the devil 

Director/Producer: Sarnt Utamachote
Screenplay: Sarnt Utamachote, Tamara Denic

Cast: Theopile Moulin
Salber Lee Williams ︎
Coco Elane ︎
Paul Riemann
Sophie Hess 
Kristina Maca
Nicolo Rossi
Martina Maric
Mael Kouredan
Schorsch Martin Ziehrer
Anastasiia Kovba ︎
Mohammed Albakour
Maximilian Koppermann
Sebastien Jobst

DOP: Penmanee Jessica Sattabongkot ︎

Lighting/Gaffer: Penmanee Jessica Sattabongkot, Andrea Piras, Konstantinos Primikyris

Director Assistant: Amarins Sukanit Franssen
Production Assistant: Konstantinos Primikyris
Catering : Tamara Denic

Location: Ester Zett, Marat Zekova

Music: “Escape from the devil” by Henning Richter

Editor/Colorist: Sarnt Utamachote, Tamara Denic

photo by Amarins Sukanit Franssen

Who is the devil?


2020 -

2019 -

(in Postproduction)

2018 -
︎Rhino - as Videographer (Theater Piece Trailer & Documentation - Directed by Salber Lee Williams)
︎Melancholia of the sewages (Short Documentary - in production)

2017 -

︎Trash #1 - Plastic (2016) (Short Film)
︎Lights On (2016) (Fan Music Video for FKA Twigs)

︎Fifty-Three - as Videographer (Music Video for Alex’s Hand)

︎Vienna House Andel’s and Vienna House Easy Image Clips - as Videographer (Promo Clip for Vienna House Berlin)

︎Thai Evening in Berlin 2019 Aftermovie - as Editor (Promo Clip for un.thai.tled)

︎Wong Echo & Jan K Mixjam July (2019) - as Videographer (Promo Clip for un.thai.tled)

︎Feel Festival 2019 Aftermovie (2019) - as Videographer

︎Peter Meyer & Heloise Lefreyes ‘Hymnolia’ (2019) - as Videographer

︎Acoustic Rob Promo Clips (2019) - as Videographer

︎Exposed (2018) - as Gaffer Assistant (Fashion Film - Directed by Leonor von Selisch)

︎Omid Feroozi; Die neue Heimat (2018) - as Set Photographer (Documentary Series - Directed by Masih Tahzai, Commissioned by I-Am Street Berlin ︎, Project of Landeskommission Berlin gegen Gewalt)

︎Seen (2018) at ZÖNOTÉKA Gallery - as Videographer (Audiovisual Media Installation, with Performance - by Pierre Depaz & Salber Lee Willaims)

︎Erik Leuthäuser live at A-Trane Berlin (2018) - as Videographer

︎Fremde (2018) - as Extra
(Short Film - Produced by Patrick Schorn, Friendship Films Production)

︎Don’t be afraid; Part 1 (2018) - as Production Assistant (Documentary Series - Directed by Linda Paganelli, Nodivision Studios)

︎In his eyes (2018) - as Junior Editor (Short Film - Directed by Joy Sahyoun Cameron, Produced by Lorena Junghans)

︎Henning Richter India Tour (2017) - as Editor

︎Love (2017) - as Gaffer, Editor (Fashion Film - Directed by Wisanu Phu-artdun)

︎SM; Les Sadiques (2016) - as Co-Writer, Executive Producer (Feature Film - Directed by Alexandr Bakshaev