“Because I am human”


- based in berlin

Sarnt Utamachote © 2020

A Time to Remember


Easy smile
               That is who you are
                        And I will remember you
By daring
                            The way it is supposed to be
        Stone on my face
                Description of beauty
  I, only once
        Body of material
To wear it on
By daring
                        Stepping one side ahead
                    To rewind our melody
                          Where it once belonged
                            Or, so where we belonged

And from rocking through
high sky
    I would be able to fall heaven’s grace
    A bit overexposed through the palm
Two hands facing question marks
    Such song I always hum since I tried

                Oh yes I almost
                    And yes I try
                    Not to forget
                            How simple it was
So we wouldn’t need
                    A couple of pages to synchronize
    How it’s supposed to be
As it was already
Oh yes if I knew
                    How to remember correctly