ษาณฑ์ อุตมโชติ
“Because I am human”

cultural producer/
film director /

- based in berlin

Sarnt Utamachote © 2024


“How did we meet?” in Reader for “Echoes of the Brother Countries”, Archive Books 2024

Interview with Sarnt Utamachote by Adela Lovric, Berlin Art Link 2024


Panel Discussion (EN) on artistic practice of care in contemporary arts, at Re:publica 2024 Berlin (Youtube)

Talk and Music (EN) on “In nobody’s service”, at Cashmere Radio 2024 Berlin (Podcast)

Talk and Music (EN) on “In nobody’s service”, at Oroko Radio 2024 (Podcast)
Radio interview (EN) on underground creative scenes in Berlin, at KOX Radio (Klub Ostkreuz) Berlin

Radio program (DE) on “Where is my karaoke? Still, we sing” at Sphere Radio Leipzig

Interview (DE) on Xposed Queer Film Festival 2022, at Siegessäule Magazine

Talk (EN) at Book Launch “Revisualizing Intersectionality”, at Humboldt University Berlin

Talk (DE) “Postkolonialismus: Koloniale Kontinuitäten bekämpfen”, at Urania Berlin

Talk (EN) “How to build transnational cinema and relationships?”, at Sinema Transtopia Berlin

Editor of Tools To Transform: Workbook for Asian diasporic orrganisations in Europe (EN)

Talk (DE) “Der Phönix”, at Bin ich süßsauer Podcast, Berlin/Köln

Talk (EN) Diaspora <> War <> Tourism Complex, Thai Identity and Postcolonial History, at Sugar Nutmeg Podcast, New York

Talk (EN), at Filmclub: The Tourist and the Migrant - with Rosalia Namsai Engchuan,
by Phoebe Pua at National University Singapore Museum 2021

Talk (EN) on Thai Food, Identity and Thai Park - with Rosalia Namsai Engchuan, at #Mygration Festival 2020

Interview (DE) at Asian German Festival 2020 by Korientation Berlin

Panel Discussion “On Gendering” with Tanu Gago, Asefina van Ast and Wang Shui

Seeing Color Episode 35 (EN), Podcast by Zhiwan Cheung

Guide to Thai creatives, projects and places in Berlin, by I-Heart-Berlin

︎Workshop “Asian Masculinities”, by Korientation Berlin

Interview for IndieBerlin “Immersion”