Imagining Queer Bandung

Film scrreenings, Filmmaking and Podcasting Workshop for queer BIPoCs (June-August 2021)
(bi’bak website) / (queer asia website)

at Sinema Transtopia, 2021 in collaboration between bi’bak and Queer Asia / funded by Soziokultur Fonds and Europa Solidarity Corps

Beyond the kitchen:
Stories from the Thai Park

(March-July 2020; ongoing tour)

(museum website)

at Bezirksmuseum Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, 2020 / funded by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, Bezirksamt
Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf and Goethe-Institut Thailand

un.thai.tled Film Festival 2020

& Film-workshop for BPoCs with Pimpaka Towira and un.thai.tled Collective
(September-October 2020)

(bi’bak website)
at Sinema Transtopia (project by bi’bak) 2020 / funded by Nord-Süd-Brücke Stiftung, Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung,
Purin Pictures and Goethe-Institut Thailand

︎ Thai Film Screenings Berlin 2019 at Moviemento
︎Thai Evening in Berlin 2019 at Schalet
Exhibition breaking-through of un.thai.tled collective (August 2019)
supported by UCity Thailand, Thai Airways, Singha Beer, ExBerliner, I-Heart-Berlin


“Because I am human”

director /

- based in berlin

Sarnt Utamachote © 2021

My Craft


I try to perfect my craft
While you lay legs across
One hand teaching me obedience
Twist the stick and throw
I’m in order to catch up with better phrases
For it’s my fault to kneel
That I’m once a noble
With umbrella
To satisfy you well

Light will turn off soon before dawn
My heels will meet into
Pouring sand
Shapes like smiley face of
Who stare at my nose
Or my expertise
One-sided fur, perhaps million euros
Wet full, heavy with rain
Spring tears in my eyes
To see clearly
Who is right and who has right
Which is not the case
For I am the satisfying
and pushing myself hard to be

It has been a while
We sit together sewing machines
You deliver your pastcode
And scroll down
Continue desire to desire
And I, reckless sleepless creature
Haunting in black cage
All-sided blinding
Yawn loud
As the lower shits
Back fort, front back
Smack, suspire, your fist
And your cock cleavage
broke my umbrella cords
breaking apart details we needed to confront
no more

My paws pelled off this nails
And tanned back call
Operation desire
If I indeed had thousand wings
I would know where to go
Only if I’ll freeze midair
Break apart
As if I will
To thousand more prisms
In your goddamn rainbow stripes
Over the laughters

But these claws are too calm
at peace and even vulnerable
To worth given
By archaic voices
I’m not hearing myself
I’m not hearing you
Nor even sound of the rain
Pouring right in my ass

Gone into pixels and partial self-explaination
All such muscles deserve self-exclaimation
I’m but just an ignored dried leaf
in floating plane weary
My voice could contain certain
Decibels of freedom
If there was nay at all
As a craftman