ษาณฑ์ อุตมโชติ
“Because I am human”

cultural producer/
film director /

- based in berlin

Sarnt Utamachote © 2024

and not just once in life that I confront unimagined possibility, leading to another window, another door

Events Photography

Erik Leuthäuser duo with Wolfgang Köhler

Various Concerts, 2019-2020
A-Trane, Berlin

Exotic Animal

Digitally Interactive Solo Piece by Ming Poon

December, 2020
English Theatre, Berlin

The Other Lab #24

August 2019
Kake, Berlin

The Other Lab #21

May 2019
Kake, Berlin

The Other Lab #20

April 2019
Kake, Berlin

The Other Lab #19

March 2019
Kake, Berlin

The Other Lab #18

January 2019
Monarch Bar, Berlin

Unteilbar Demonstration

October 2018, Berlin

Wir sind #Unteilbar - für offene und freie Gesellschaft
We are indivisible - for open and free society


CSD Berlin 2018

July 2018, Berlin



Solidarity March with Istanbul 2018

June 2018, Berlin

Fete de la Musique 2018

June 2018,  Berlin

Me & The Monster at Basement Bash

Moa McKay ︎ at Basement Bash

Schulz&Brauer at Mensch Meier

Zurück zu den Wurzeln Festival - and Berlin Meets Wroclove Stage

Featured in Indie-Berlin

June 2018
Niegersdörf, Brandenburg

Project of Nazife Demir ︎

Idiar’s Wedding

March 2018
Standesamt Neuköln, Berlin

Marriage between Preeyawan Maneerat and Nicola Piccini

CSD Berlin 2017

June, Berlin 2017