“Because I am human”


- based in berlin

Sarnt Utamachote © 2020

age: 28
nationality: thai
height: 177cm
weight: 63kg
size: M

birth: 1992, Bangkok

/ film-video producer, director

/ production manager - project manager

/ curator

/ founder - president of


“Because I am human”

I believe artists must have manifesto;
and mine is currently in the state of making

artists must realize the privileged position we are in; to be able to present or twist the reality as we see fit,
thus artists must be true to the subject matter and bring one’s own artistic ego down to serve the subject matter

artists must rather ask “why must this work be made”
rather than “why should I be the one who makes it”
artist should not fixate on “what it was” or “it is”
and rather “what it can be, could be”
or best of all “what does it want to be”


- Bangkok Christian College (1998-2010)

- Industrial Design, Faculty of Architecture,
   Chulalongkorn University (2010-2014)
      Industrial Design; Jewelry Design

- Freie Universität Berlin (2016-)
     Filmwissenschaft (Cinema Studies) &
     Literaturwissenschaft (Literature Studies)


- Languages:
    Thai; Mothertongue
    English; Very Fluent, Academic (IELTS 7.5)
    German; Fluent, Academic (DSH 2, C1)

- Computer:
    Adobe Premiere, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe After Effects
    Adobe Photoshop
Google Drive, Slack, Trello
    Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint

    Communication, Organisation, Patience
    Design, Handwork (Painting-Drawing, Sewing-Patternwork)
   Conceptual/Critical Thinking

- Music:
Piano & Cello

Curatorial Practices

- un.thai.tled Film Festival Berlin 2020

- Exhibition/Publication “Beyond the kitchen: Stories of Thai Park” 2020 supported by Senatsverwaltung für Europa, Bezirksamt Charlottenburg-Wilmersdrof Abteilung Kultur and Goethe Institut Thailand (March-July 2020)

- Thai Film Screenings Berlin 2019 at Moviemento

- Thai Evening in Berlin 2019 at Schalet
Exhibition breaking-through of un.thai.tled collective (August 2019)

- un.thai.tled Association (e.V) Process

- Panel Discussion “On Gendering” with Tanu Gago, Asefina van Ast and Wang Shui (Jan 2020, International Film Festival Rotterdam)
- Workshop “Stories of local Asian communities” with Angles Collective (February 2019)
- Workshop “Asian Masculinities” (June 2019)



(2014) Piece of me ; Script, Director Assistant / Director: Thanchanok Thamja
Piece of hat ; Script, Co-Director / Director: Thanchanok Thamja
Requiem #1 Introitus ; Director, Script, Editor
Child’s Play ; Director, Script, Editor

(2015) The Romance Lesson ; Director, Script, Editor
I’m not romantic ; Director, Script, Editor
Clever boy, this country needs you ; Director, Script, DOP, Editor Heart of darkness ; Director, Script, Editor
The Smoker ; Director, Script, DOP, Editor

(2016) SM-Les Sadiques ; Co-Script, Executive Producer, Director Assistant / Director : Alexander Bakshaev
Parallel ; Director, Script, Editor
Let the wind take everything away ; Extra
Monster in the room ; Director, Script, Editor, DOP
Trash #1 Plastic ; Director, Script, Editor, Color, DOP Fremde ; Extra / Director ; Tim Dünschede, Producer : Patrick Schorn
The River ; Director, Script, Editor, Color, DOP

(2017) Love ; Director Assistant, Lighting Technician, Editor, Color / Director : Wisanu Phu-artdun
Melancholia of the sewages ; Director, Script, Editor, DOP WG-Suche ; Director, Script, Editor, Color
It doesn’t suit me (Collaboration with Nicole J. Waller) ; Director, Script, Editor, Color
- Canadian Fashion Film Festival 2018, Miami Fashion Film Festival 2018

Winter Rain (Poetry video for Alex Wolf) ; Director, Script, DOP, Editor, Color
Deep Talk (Music video for Coco Elane) ; Director, Script, Editor, Color
- Bucharest Film Awards 2018
Kannst du mein Kangaroo sein? (Music video for Erik Leuthäuser) ; Director, Script, Editor, Color- Bucharest Film Awards 2018 Rhino (Trailer for Body Movement Theater Piece by Salber Lee Williams) ; Video
Escape from the devil (Music video for Henning Richter) ; Director, Script, Editor, Color
Trash #2 Glass (Short Film) ; Producer, Director, Script, Editor, Color
Monom Advertisement ; Set Photographer / Director : Mastih Tajzai
SEEN (Video installation by Pierre Depaz & Salber Lee Williams) ; Video
Yesterday still lies between the floorboards (Music video for Erik Leuthäuser & Arta Jekabsone) ; Director, Script, DOP, Editor, Color
Exposed ; Gaffer Assistant / Director : Leonor von Salisch
Omid Faroozi Portrait (Clip for I-Am Street Berlin) ; Set Photographer / Director : Mastih Tajzai
Butterfly with green eyes ; Lighting Technician, Set Photographer / Director : David Salman
Eily Tham Portrait (Instagram Clip for Converse Thailand) ; Videographer

Soy Sauce (Short Film) ; Producer, Director, Art Director, Script, Editor
My Body (Short Film) ; Producer, Director, Art Director, Script, Editor
Fifty Three (Music video for Alex’s Hand) ; Director, DOP, Editor
Kitchen Heroine (Video Clip/Short Film) ; Producer, DOP, Editor, Colorist / Director : Wisanu Phu-artdun

I Am Not Your Mother (Video Installation) ; Producer, Director, DOP, Editor

photo by Jessica Sattabongkot / by Sophie Hess