ษาณฑ์ อุตมโชติ
“Because I am human”

cultural producer/
film director /

- based in berlin

Sarnt Utamachote © 2024

Short Documentary Film
English, German, Portuguese
2021-23 Berlin

What does it mean to listen while being vulnerable? Taking the concept "music as a gift", four Berlin-based migrant queer musicians surprised their close friends or relatives with a special song, which then triggered a moment of deep appreciation between them. This film documents that process of them opening up, becoming vulnerable and letting go - with conversations about their marginalized kinship, trust, fluidity and fragility of life. Together they find comfort and "reverberations" (physical phenomenon) of their sounds in each other.

In this film I found peace and solace in these people's act of listening. Coming from my background in music video and media content, this film is dedicated to the mostly fragile queer beings in Berlin - with whom I'm close friend with. It regards few aspects of collective healing and belonging, which I believe are potentials of queer friendship. Working with languages which are not my mother tongues, this is a challenging project which forced me to think about how to represent such polyvocal or diverse perspectives, beyond those of my "birth country" and beyond any specific identities.

- Doc ‘n Roll London 2022
- Soundwatch Music Film Festival Berlin 2022
- Kasseler Dokfest 2022 (German Premiere)
- Outfest Fusion 2023 (North American Premiere)
- Lichter Filmfest Frankfurt 2023
- Rice and Roots Asian Festival Cologne 2023
- Xposed Queer Film Festival Berlin 2023

Protagonists: Folly Ghost, Sanni Est, Nansea (Marek Pólgesek), Radoslaw Pólgesek, Naari, Kei Watanabe

Camera: Sarnt Utamachote
Sound recordig: Katrina Singleton, Rocket Loam, Kareem Baholzer
Bee farm: Nadja Wrona, Silke Meyer
Film equipment: Klaus Salminen (Nordic Media House), 25P Cine Support Berlin, Seeyourent Berlin
Location assistance: Aleksandr Lange, Ragil Huda
Transportation: Kareem Sarfoh, Adrian Bang

Editing: Sarnt Utamachote
Editing assistance: Ygor Gama, Cécile Tollu-Polonowski
Sound design: Takuro Sakamoto
Sound mix: Dr Rey (Uferlos Studio)
Colorgrading: Agustin Melfi
Graphic design: Alexander Rolfsen
Studio recording/sound engineering: Dr Rey

original soundtracks:
Folly Ghost "Music is a gift", 2021
Nansea "Give your gift to the world", 2021
Naari "Desert Moon", 2021
Kei Watanabe "Postcard", 2021

under mentorship of Cécile Tollu-Polonowski 2021

supported by Xposed Short Film fund 2020 (winner), Nautilus Houseboat GmbH

Courtesy of Sarnt Utamachote Productions, Berlin 2021/22





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2017 - 2016 (Showreel)

︎Trash #1 - Plastic (2016) (Short Film)

︎Get Out (2022) as Editor : Music Video by Aka Kelzz

︎Hundefreund (2022) as Editor : Short Film by BIPOC Film Society,
Directed by Maissa Lihedheb, Produced by Sailesh Naidu and Lamin Leroy Gibba

[BFI Flare / Tribeca / NOMINATED National German Short Film Price /
 1st WINNER GERMAN COMPETITION, Interfilms 2022]

︎Lemon (2021) as DOP/Co-Director : Music Video by Michael Loves Michael

︎Yeye (2021) as Editor : Dance Film with Video Installation
by Lois Alexander, 
Produced by Sophiensaele

︎Poetry Filmmaking (2020) at Oyoun Berlin as Editor :
Short Clip by Maissa Lihedheb and Chima Okerengwo (BIPOC Film Society Berlin)

︎Shame (2020) as Editor : Music Video by Lie Ning - Charity for GLADT e.V.

︎Beyond the kitchen: Stories from Thai Park (2020)
: Exhibition at Museum Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf (Promo Clip for exhibition guidetour)

︎Akin (2019) at Somos Gallery
: Performance by Theresa Lekberg, Riako Napitupulu, Ariel Orah and Samaquias Lorta

︎Miss Ms N.N. (2019)
: Theater Piece by Frederika Tsai, David Di Palo and Hannah Elischer

︎Erik Leuthäuser “In the land of Irene Kral”live at A-Trane Berlin (2019) 

︎Fifty-Three (2019) (Music Video for Alex’s Hand)

︎Vienna House Andel’s and Vienna House Easy (Promo Clip for Vienna House Berlin)

︎Thai Evening in Berlin 2019 Aftermovie (Promo Clip for un.thai.tled)

︎Wong Echo & Jan K Mixjam July (2019)  (Promo Clip for un.thai.tled)

︎Feel Festival 2019 Aftermovie (2019)

︎Peter Meyer & Heloise Lefreyes ‘Hymnolia’ (2019)

︎Acoustic Rob Promo Clips (2019)

︎Seen (2018) at ZÖNOTÉKA Gallery
: Installation, with Performance by Pierre Depaz & Salber Lee Willaims)

︎Rhino (2018) : Theater Piece Trailer by Salber Lee Williams)

︎Mia Knapp Jacobsen (Rosemarine) live at A-Trane Berlin (2018)

︎Erik Leuthäuser “Wünschen” live at A-Trane Berlin (2018)

︎Henning Richter India Tour (2017) - as Editor




External Projects

(further film-set experiences)

2019 / Salon Gloria / Fabio Thieme / Fiction Short Film / as Gaffer

2019 / Darkroom / Rosa von Praunheim / Fiction Feature Film / as Extra

2019 / Tea Time: Ethics of Deign / Ben Mergelsberg (Wrangelfilm), Adobe Creative Cloud / Promotional Video /
as Gaffer, Director Assistant

2019 / Welcome to my world / Arin Rungjang, Sunprince Foundation / Video Installation / as Gaffer

2019 / Whiskey Store / Klaus Salminen (Nordic Media House), Broken Jug Ramblers / Music Video / as Director Assistant

2018 / Butterfly with Greeneyes / David Salman / Music Video / as Set Photographer, Gaffer

2018 / Don’t be afraid / Linda Paganelli, Klaus Salminen (Nordic Media House) / Documentary Feature Film / as Director Assistant

2018 / Fremde / Patrick Schorn (Friendship Films) / Middle-Length Fiction Film / as Extra

2018 / Exposed / Leonor von Salish (XO Berlin) / Fashion Film / as Gaffer

2018 / Omid Feroozi: Die neue Heimat (2018)  / Masih Tahzai, I-Am Street Berlin ︎  / as Set Photographer

2017 / Love / Wisanu Phu-artdun (Bauhaus University) / Fashion Film / as Gaffer, Editor

2016 / SM; Les Sadiques  / Alexander Bakshaev / Fictional Feature Film / as Co-writer, Executive Producer